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One of the most vibrant cities of India, Punjab offers an incredible tourism experience to quench the thirst of a wide range of travelers. The land is not just bestowed with immense natural beauty, but also rich culture. Punjab produces a major portion of India’s food grain and holds a significant place for producing rice and wheat.  

Pay a visit to this Land of Five Rivers, thus the name Punjab:

Historical richness

The rich cultural heritage of Punjab is something that everyone should explore. Feel the lively music, the love for dance, especially the famous Bhangra dance to the tunes of Punjabi music. The traditional attire is something to try. The region offers a perfect blend of modernism and traditional culture.

Spiritual tours

The region is the origin of Sikhism, and is home to the most prominent Sikh Gurudwaras where the religion’s history and principles are followed with immense respect.

The famous Golden Temple, an iconic religious site or Gurudwara is the place of great spiritual significance. The beauty of the temple is beyond words. It’s golden and serene. The sacred food at Langar is more fulfilling than anything else.

Historical significance

How can you miss the historical significance of the region? The famous Jalliawalah Bagh still has the bullet marks fired on thousands of Indians. It has also witnessed the battle of partition more than any other state.


Punjab is home to some of the most delicious cuisines of the country. Dishes like tandoori roti, seasonal sarson da saag, are mouthwatering. The food is wholesome and locals enjoy their meal after working long and hard in their farms.  

True rural life

Punjab villages are full of life. Experience the charm of rural Punjab by staying here for a few days and befriending locals. Their way of life is all about peace and harmony.

Local art

Punjabi juttis, phulkari embroidery are a part of local art and craft that looks stunning. Shop for some wonderful items of art and crafts in local markets and bazaars.

Agricultural tourism

Want to witness agriculture? Punjab is the best place with its extensive farmlands. A tour to Punjab offers you an opportunity to learn about agricultural practices, and witness green fields, and even participate in some activities. 

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